Asynchronous Meeting Software for Consultants | Grapevine
Share video messages from the comfort of your Slack workspace
With the Grapevine and Slack integration, you can easily record and watch one-way video messages to keep your group more connected in less time.
Add the Slack Integration
Select Your Group
Access in Account Settings
Start Slack Integration
Approve Slack Authentication
Approve Permissions for Grapevine
Select the channel to receive notifications
Allow the connection
Record a Grapevine video message
Start a video message with the /grapevine command
HD video and audio
Screen sharing enabled
Watch video messages from your group
Get notified when a Grapevine video message is posted
Launch a new video message without leaving Slack
Leave comments and reactions to your group’s videos
Ada Barrett
Executive Coach
Back-to-back client Zoom meetings are energy zapping, and prevent me from spending time growing my business. With Grapevine I can leave one-way video updates for my clients, and review their recorded progress, at my convenience.
Daniel Woods
eCommerce Marketing Consultant
We use Kajabi to organize our training courses. Now Grapevine organizes our client communication. From video updates to storing resources to posting events, the platform gives us one place to communicate with our clients more efficiently.
Pete Goodwin
Sales Trainer
As a sales trainer, I spend a lot of live conference time with my clients reviewing past sales calls. Now my clients can easily upload their recent sales calls which my team can then review later and provide recorded or written feedback.
Save time with one-way video meetings.
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