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Awesome features included in our plans

  • Unlimited groups
  • Screen sharing
  • Comment thread
  • Share videos publicly
  • Video-to-text transcription (Growth plan only)
  • Store files in shared library
  • 30 previously recorded videos
  • 15 minute recording limit
  • Integrate with Slack
  • Upload files from other tools

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

How does Grapevine integrate with Slack?

Our Slack integration feature allows you to receive notifications in your Slack workspace when a new Grapevine video message is posted, and initiate the recording of a new Grapevine video. Grapevine is integrating with the tools you already use and love!

What is video-to-text transcription?

Video-to-text transcription translates audio into text. That means when a video is posted, group members will have the option of viewing the video with audio or reading the content in a text box.

Can I access previously recorded videos?

Sure can! The 30 most recently recorded videos can be accessed in the Grapevine dashboard by clicking on the dropdown on a user's Grapevine video, and selecting the previous video you want to watch.

What is a shared library?

A shared library allows you to manage videos that you want to store for later use. Trainings, updates, onboarding or other resources can be copied to your library and accessed by current and future users, and shared publicly with others outside of your group.

Can I share videos publicly?

Absolutely! If you have specific trainings, updates, onboarding or other communications in your library that should be viewed by others outside of your group, simply click the share link and send it through Slack, email or anywhere else you work. Recipients will be able to view and comment the same as if they were Grapevine users.

How does billing work?

Billing is monthly depending on the selection you make when you sign up or upgrade. The Starter plan is free. For Growth or Max plans, you'll simply be charged for the total number of users on your account multiplied by the applicable plan rate.

It's super easy to upgrade your plan as you grow by accessing your Account Settings at any time.

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