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Schedule fewer Zoom meetings.

Grapevine's one-way video meetings require only a fraction of the time it takes to conduct live meetings.


*No credit card required.


*No credit card required.

One-way video messaging.

  • Members record videos to be reviewed and commented on by the group
  • Review video messages at 2x speed for faster feedback rounds
  • Fewer Zoom meetings to schedule or attend
  • Eliminate location and time zone issues

Customized groups.

  • Organize by team, client, or project
  • Unlimited number of groups and group size
  • Invite guests to review videos and access content

Resources library.

  • Organize by team, client, or project
  • Save trainings, updates, and onboarding videos
  • Easily store internal processes and SOPs

Video-to-text transcription.

  • Read content of video messages
  • Search for keywords within a transcript
  • Access when listening to a video is impractical

What our customers have to say

We use Kajabi to organize our training courses. Now Grapevine organizes our account team meetings. From video exchanges to storing resources in the library, the platform gives everyone one place to communicate more efficiently.

Daniel Woods
eCommerce Marketing Consultant

Back-to-back client Zoom meetings are energy zapping, and prevent me from spending time growing my business. With Grapevine I can run one-way video meetings with my clients that save us all a ton of time to be used for other activities.

Ada Barrett
Executive Coach

As a sales trainer, I spent a lot of live meeting time with my clients reviewing past sales calls. Now my team and I can review recent sales calls asynchronously and provide recorded or written feedback on our schedule.

Pete Goodwin
Sales Trainer

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

Can I get started with Grapevine for free?

Yep! Simply sign up for the trial and enjoy all features in our Starter plan free for 14 days, no credit card required. At the end of the 14 days, you’ll have the option to subscribe to our Starter, Growth, or Max plan. Or you may discontinue the service with no questions asked.

You can also upgrade to the Growth or Max plan any time during the free trial period if you’re ready to invite more users.

What is a one-way video meeting?

One-way video meetings are asynchronous, that is, one video exchange at a time. Each user records their video message on their own schedule, and other users can review and reply when convenient for them. This differs from live meetings where all participants must be present at the same time.

How will Grapevine help me conduct meetings more efficiently?

Running a business is an exercise in time management. Spend too much time in Zoom meetings and you're missing out on sales call and other opportunities. Spend too little time with your teams and clients and you're limiting satisfaction and outcomes.

Grapevine's one-way video meetings save you hours each week that would otherwise be spent in live meetings. Share more information in less time by recording and reviewing video messages at your convenience, storing content in a resources library, and integrating your Grapevine with the tools you already use and love.

Will I be notified when someone submits a Grapevine video?

Absolutely! You’ll be sent an email letting you know a new Grapevine video is waiting for you in your dashboard. If you have our Slack app installed, you'll be notified directly in your Slack workspace.

If you prefer not to receive email notifications, simply disable the function in your Account Settings.

Can I comment on a user's Grapevine video?

Sure can! There is a comment box below each video. Simply enter your thoughts and click Send to start a comment thread. Threads will be visible to all users in your group.

How do I contact support if I have questions while using Grapevine?

We’re here to make sure your experience is top notch. If you’ve got any questions or feedback, please contact us at

Save time with one-way video meetings.

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*No credit card required.