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Schedule fewer Zoom meetings.

Educators spend hours each week in live meetings with students between lectures. Grapevine's asynchronous video meetings require only a fraction of that time.


*No credit card required.


*No credit card required.

How it works

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Asynchronous video meetings.

  • Watch or record one-way video messages on your own time
  • Absorb and consider information before responding
  • Eliminate location and time zone issues

Customized groups.

  • Controlled by you for maximum flexibility
  • Design by cohort, course, or differentiated learning group
  • Create 1:1 or larger groups

Resources library.

  • Retain learning resources
  • Post online activities
  • Store program curricula

Video-to-text transcription.

  • Read content of video messages
  • Search for keywords within a transcript
  • Access when listening to a video is impractical

More features that are included
in all plans

  • Screen sharing
  • Unlimited groups
  • Comment thread
  • Share videos publicly
  • 15 minute recording limit
  • Access 30 previously recorded videos
  • Store videos and files in shared library
  • Upload videos & files from other tools
  • Integrate with Slack and Zapier
  • Unlimited guests (coming soon!)
  • Events calendar (coming soon!)

What our customers have to say

My students love having more frequent access to me to ask questions and share their challenges. And wow, communicating as a group on Grapevine has been terrific as a tool for peer-to-peer support.

Cynthia Reddy

Grapevine allows me to track student progress and remove obstacles to performance. We can connect informally without having to schedule or attend in-person meetings. It’s wonderfully efficient.

Dr. Paul Stevens

The library is wonderful. Assignment guidelines can be archived for students to reference at any time. The platform functions nicely alongside our Learning Management System. So easy.

Marlene Batson
Department Chair

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

What is an asynchronous video meeting?

One-way video meetings are asynchronous, that is, one video exchange at a time. Each user records their video message on their own schedule, and other users can review and reply when convenient for them. This differs from live meetings where all participants must be present at the same time.

Can I improve the learning experience with asynchronous video meetings?

Absolutely ... and in a fraction of the time it takes to conduct live meetings!

Grapevine allows you to:

  • Construct differentiated learning groups
  • Provide for authentic 1:1 or group communication
  • Foster peer-to-peer support
  • Increase community among student group members
  • Promote student accountability
  • Support tracking of student progress
  • Share important group announcements
  • How does Grapevine complement a Learning Management System?

    Grapevine is focused solely on the informal exchange of updates and information between educators and students, and among students. A personalized, easy-to-access community that complements any institutional Learning Management System.

    Educators enjoy the power to customize groups and record videos inside the platform. Students welcome the privacy of Grapevine, and thrive on the peer-to-peer support that comes with posting videos and comments for a specific group.

    Will I be notified when someone submits a Grapevine video?

    Definitely! You’ll be sent an email letting you know a new Grapevine video is waiting for you in your dashboard. If you have our Slack app installed, you'll be notified directly in your Slack workspace.

    If you prefer not to receive email notifications, simply disable the function in your Account Settings.

    Can I comment on a group member's Grapevine video?

    Sure can! There is a comment box below each video. Simply enter your thoughts and click Send to start a comment thread. Threads will be visible to all members of the group so everyone is in the loop.

    Is Grapevine's pricing educator-friendly?

    Yes! We've designed our pricing plans specifically to meet the needs of educators.

    Our Starter plan is free forever so a total of 5 users can enjoy asynchronous video meetings.

    For educators wanting more students to join their Grapevine community, our Growth plan allows up to 50 users at just $7 / user per month.

    Beyond 50 users, or for multiple administrators, please contact us and we can customize a plan that's right for you!

    How do I contact support if I have questions while using Grapevine?

    We’re here to make sure your experience is top notch. If you’ve got any questions or feedback, please contact us at

    Schedule fewer Zoom meetings.

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    *No credit card required.