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Schedule fewer Zoom meetings.
Grapevine's daily one-way video updates will keep your remote team collaborating and productive, no meetings required.
No credit card required.

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Asynchronous video updates.
Watch or record one-way video updates on your own time
No morning meetings to schedule or attend
Eliminate location and time zone issues
Customized teams.
Unlimited number of teams
Unlimited team size
Organize by department, project or other team
Video library.
Training guides
Onboarding procedures
Technical knowledge
Productivity features.
Screen sharing
Watch previously recorded videos
Share videos publicly
Slack integration
Dennis Bregman
Goldwood Sound, Inc.
Switching to a remote workforce plan was a stressful process worrying about team productivity. Grapevine provides major comfort knowing my team is sharing their daily agendas each morning.
Jenny Lowell
Hemispheres Marketing, Inc.
Asynchronous video updates are a gift to teams working remotely in different time zones. In minutes each morning my whole team can see who's working on what for the day without having to schedule a meeting.
Scarlett Madison
Tiltmetrics Digital LLC
To run our operation smoothly, teammates must know what each other is doing every day. Grapevine allows us to share the daily to-dos and quickly address any blockers to someone else's activity.
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Can I get started with Grapevine for free?
Yep, and it's super easy. Simply sign up for a free trial and enjoy all the features in our Starter plan for 14 days, no credit card required. At the end of the 14 days, you’ll have the option to subscribe to our Starter plan or Growth plan. Or you may discontinue the service with no questions asked.

You can also upgrade to the Growth plan any time during the free trial period if you’re ready to set up multiple teams with expanded features.
What is an asynchronous team update video?
Asynchronous means one at a time. Each team member records their video update on their own schedule, and teammates can review and reply when convenient for them.
How will Grapevine help me maintain my remote team's productivity?
It's not easy managing remote teams. In person meetings or walking down the hallway for updates are no longer convenient options. And with less communication comes reduced productivity.

Grapevine fills the communication gap. Team members share one-way video updates each morning so everyone moves in the same direction, no scheduled meetings required.
Will I be notified when a team member submits a Grapevine video?
Absolutely! You’ll be sent an email letting you know a new Grapevine video is waiting for you on your dashboard. If you prefer not to receive email notifications, simply disable the function in your Account Settings.
Can I comment on a team member's Grapevine video?
Sure can. There is a comment box below each video. Simply enter your thoughts and click Send to start a comment thread. Threads will be visible to all team members so everyone is in the loop.
How do I contact support if I have questions while using Grapevine?
We’re here to make sure your experience is top notch. If you’ve got any questions or feedback, please contact us at
Keep your remote teams connected.
No credit card required.